Me + You


Me + You


    we're slightly crazy...



Vilius and I are hopelessly romantic newlyweds who love to run our lives in a slightly chaotic, but relentless way. Isn't that how the best love stories go anyway?

We are more than just a husband and wife team, we're huge goofballs...we aim for perfection amidst the craziest situations.

Whoever said love was tame? 

We don't really do the JCPenny's poses us 90's kids grew up with, but rather the freely in love "poses" that always turn into experiences, feelings, and moments to be remembered and captured. We can't help but strive to give our clients something different with every shoot. It's your story, your day, your life...It should be documented to represent that, not posed to look like every other nice picture out there! 

More Than A Feeling

We want to show you that YOU are beautiful, your LOVE is unique, and this MOMENT is more than a moment. It's an experience.

If you're looking for a run of the mill photographer who can just capture some photos, edit them the same day for an extra hundred dollars and be done with you, then I can tell you we're not going to be the right fit. Vilius and I want to take you to a waterfall, a mountain, a desert, or even a hidden place around the world to plan an experience with you, and make your love look and feel completely unique to you and your story.  

If you're ready for that, scroll down and lets get started in this incredible story that belongs to you.


Above photograph by: Sarai Helena Photography


Let's get together

Let's get together


yeah, yeah, yeah

Elopements + Intimate Weddings start at - $2500

Local Florida Weddings - start at $2800

Sessions start at - $600

Boudoir and Rehearsal Dinners start at - $500

Tell us everything

From where you met, your favorite thing to do together, to where you are now, we want to know it all! 

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