est. at the beginning of time



est. at the beginning of time

It’s about you

I started off doing photography because I wanted to get paid for something I was good at. It’s since become much MUCH more than that. It’s about the people. It’s about your story. Vilius and I are married Christians who are crazy in love with each other. We’ve been able to encounter some incredible people {as well as stories} along this photography journey. People that we can’t really forget. That’s what this is about for us.

Imperfectly Perfect

rachel was PANICKING a little when she looked out the window and saw the TORRENTIAL downpour florida likes to dish out at 3pm for no reason. I looked at her and said,”dude it’ll be even more beautiful this way.” and i meant it.


Beyond Weddings

there’s so much more to DOCUMENT than your wedding or engagement {as much as we love them}. There’s the first time you took a step onto a platform and RECEIVED a diploma, the first time you held your baby, or maybe the first time your family has felt completely comfortable being the weirdos they are.

the reason why these pictures come out looking authentically happy is because we have a good time. and that makes everyone happy

we know these people. we weirdly love these people. we’re not just your photographers we’re trusted documenters that you know pretty dang well, and that makes everyone breathe a sigh of releif.


Vilius is from LITHUANIA AND i’M FROM GOOD OLD o-TOWN fL. wE BOTH CRAVE GOING beyond the state line and wandering to the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, etc. which is why we provide special prices for out of town sessions.


why us

why us

Choosing your photographer is a huge deal. I get it. Not only have I been there, but I’ve also been the photographer at a wedding where I didn’t feel like I was a perfect fit. The types of images they wanted were not my style or the art I gave, and i felt like i was failing their expectations… which leads me to this.

photography has changed. it’s personal. it’s up in your biz. to make sure this is everything you want it to be, we have to get a “little” comfy-cozy with each other.

I cherish every single one of the people i photograph. i want to spend time getting to know your story by understanding you, not posing you for a jc penny’s ad.I don’t want to just be your photographer, i want to be someone you really know and trust. the people i get to photograph DEFINITELY know me, and i know them. you can’t drive 6 hours together in the mountains looking for that perfect overlook and not know what that persons favorite comedian is. so…


so i can show you {and the world} just how beautiful you are.

Happy People

Amazing, Personal, and Fun

Old Pine Pictorial is seriously the best. The worked so hard to get us the best engagement photos. We live in Orlando and wanted to take pictures in the mountains. Old Pine Pictorial drove all the way to Georgia with us and hiked up a mountain to find the perfect view for our pictures. I can honestly say that our experience with Old Pine Pictorial was only amazing. I can not recommend Old Pine Pictorial any more. They are truly amazing.

Anna did AMAZING

on our engagement session. It was such a fun adventure! We got our photos back in less than a week and we are OBSESSED with them, they will be all over my house once we move in with each other lol! They are so magical and she made us look awesome. I CANT WAIT FOR MY WEDDING. I would highly recommend! She literally is the best.

We did our engagement session

as a trial run for the wedding. We LOVED how Anna made not feel/look awkward. We had ideas about what to do and she just ran with them. When the pictures came back they were AMAZING! More than we could of ever asked for! We are looking forward to our wedding and know that Anna is going to do a great job helping us keep the memories forever!

These 2 were the best team

of photographers I could’ve asked for. My husband and I really aren’t the best with having our picture taken, but they made it so fun and effortless and they turned out great. Not only do they have nice cameras but they put effort into editing them to perfection which was really important to me. Plus there are 2 of them so we ended up with SO many pictures from all different angles. They also traveled to Tennessee for my wedding! I just couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

Anna is the most incredible

photographer and I would recommend her to anyone. She did both our engagement and wedding photos, as well as my boudoir shoot. She is so amazing at capturing special moments and making the moments look incredibly magical. We will use her for all of our photography needs in the future!